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& county library books.. thrown out. out. 3
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why the 3 why the county would raaher trash them... tthn donate them. ----------------------------------------------- -------------the murder f 3 llve.our lives will nneer be the same." same." the new legal battle in the murdered lacrosse player's case... and the 3 them to the nation's caaptal. ----------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------ 3 airport strip down. down."when they said i tested positive ffo exxlosives, i said that's it!" itt"the man that bared all... -3 expllins wy he did it. 3 hello i'm jennifer gilbert gilbeet ii'... 3ááwhat'sáá... baltimore county... doing.../ with... your.../ money? ááaáá former... towson university.../ professor...// says.../// it's... being .../ wasted.../ wasted.../ countless countyylibrary books are being - recycled or thrown away.janice ddnate the booos...
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books... needy children 3 janice? 3 daaid boyd says he was shooked to find almost 200 libraryybooks in good condition in a library dumpster.ttnight, tteehead of all the baltiiore county being responsible..- responsible. 3 david boyd has ssent his life aaound books.hees a formee towson rooessor and pent almost 30 years as an eedcator..-3&&ptake reccntly when e looked pnside the hereford library dumpster: -3 dumpster:"therr as o reaaon pn this whole world why they shhuld have been thrown out" 171 books to be exact.boyd has ssnce donated most of tth books to needy hildren. and wants to do the same in the puturr. the bbltimore county pibrary ssys they had no idea the hereford library didn't have a recyclying bbnncounty libraries resell as many books as possibleethat are out oo date or in bad condition. whatever isn'' sold goes into recyclying. 3 thrown away, recyyled means thrown away, why caa't these
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&pgo into the hands of ccildren that need and want ttem"upset, boyddapproaahed the head of - the baltimore county library...and got this rrsponse: pesponse:"i have considered yoor reqqest that your wife be allowed to pick up books not in resale coodition at the -3 hereford branch"branch""why shoulddone group of persons be ggven materiaas over others, therefore i'm not granting youu reqqest"director jim fish says he understands boyddhhs good intenttons. but says hii request isn't that -3 simple: 3 "logistically how o you do that, dooyou store things forr a mmnth, then allow everyone &ptoocome pick what they want? -& we don't have the storage, iff you have good cause how do we pick? this seems unworkable" unworkable" 3 "out of this disppte, there & are some positive changes that have comeeabout, baltimore co libbary employees will be using a stricter eye when 3 it comes to what books they
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&precycll"tonight, wiih book in hann, boyd says he'll make sure these books get in the hands of those who need it the most. 3 davvd boyd says he'' not going away. he pllns on contacting his ccunty executive and county councilmen to try to et these books to needy children.janice 3 herr's... our... question of the day. the books... ttat -3 were thrown out... be ddnated? -3 ddnated? áámostáá... pf...youu.. say.... - economy...// ááabsolutleyáá... áájoináá... -3 the... ebatt...// p on our.../ 3 3 a baltimore pasttr hassbeen convicted of sexually assaulting a 15 year old girl. ppstor leon jones ssxually abused the teen from april of - 2000 until maach of 2002.the &pvicttm, who is now 27, was -3 first introduced tt the pastor by her mother; who also 33 pled guilty.jones is set for & sentenning in june. he faces up to 160 years in prison.
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3&ppolice say a man brandishing a syrrnge robbed an elllcott wednesday.the man walked into a cvs on centennial ann about 4:20 a.m., went up o the pharmacy counter and threatened a pparmaccst with the syringe. 3 pe demanded rescription meddcation, then left with the drugs. drugs.the same pharmmcc was the site of another prescrippion obberr in april 2011. howard counny.../ police.../ believe... they have sooved.../ -3 a.../ 21... year ld.../ 3 ááafteráá remaiis...// of... a... young wommn...///- ááwereáá found... in concrete.../ 3elkridge....///.. 3 karen parks.../ live... pt ... oward county.../ policeeheadquarrers .../ ááwhereáá... police say.../ a... he hhsband.../ has... -3 beee.../ he... number one suspect.../ for years...... years...... 3 police suspected foul ppay 21 years ago....butthad noo evidence tooprove they believe......they have - the evidence......and they have their man...... 3 3 3 3 in elkridgg......a cold case..... could be solved.... p20:58)weeve madd an arrest of
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a man who we believe is responsible for the urder of 3 plkridge......obert jarrrtt -3 reported his wife christine 3 had walked away form thhir home seen here oo claire drive after an arggment......she was 3again.....(30:47)when they told us about it we were -shockee to see the police at phe house but we weren't surprised.....after a tip....detectives vvsited the &phome on claire drive sometime -3wednesdaa...... where his present ife lives....the two are currently seperated..... policeesearched the propprty adn found the remains of a & woman underneaah the floorboards of shed buried --3&pin concrete.....(32:09)with it being encased in cement would imagine that it was pretty prrserved we definitely saw a figure and we definitely saw the body bag.....police say...personal effects found & with the body indicatt ts likely christine....((2:45) this was a case where oor &pddtectives suspected foul play really from the beginning t just didnt make sense that
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this young mother would walk away from her 2 small chiidren tte husband reported her - missing but he was susppct very early on...(cover this bbte)(30:58)i think its crazy but i think its good they finnly are ableeto give the family peace... 3-3 robert jarrett has been - charged with first and second - degree murder.... bail was 3 3& a prince georgg'' ccunty man has been arressed for trying to kklllanother man with a machete during an argument. argument.49-yyer-old eddie ivey was arrested this week and charged with attempted the april 10th & incident in suitland.he's being held wwthout bail and is due in court next month 3 another .../ baltimore... police officer.../ s... sentenced towing... extortton scheme. scheme.the owners .../ of... "majestic ttwiig".../ -3 paid officers.../ 3& rom ...accident 3to... theirrbusiness..../ áá40áá -year-old .../ os--valdo valentinn.../ &pconviiced.../ crash use... majestic towing.../ááandáá
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officers...//// into ...the scheme...//. -3 áámajesticáá paid -3&phim...// more than .../ 14... thhusand dollars .../ -&p n checks... // p and... more monee.../ in cash.../// áávalentine'sáá sentenced to... 30 months.../ ááhe'sáá &p the... 9th officer... to bb sentenced 3 after spending a week in a jail cell by himself, the -3 accused of killing trayvon maatin cculd be reeeased on bail. schhduled to appeer aa a bail peaaing tomorrow n sanford, floridaa the judge will have to coossder whether he poses a flight risk and is a danger to thh community.zimmerman facess pup toá life in prissn if conviited of second-degree -3murddr.zimmermmn shot andd killed mmrrin back n february. zimmerman says he shooting promptee nationwiie protests, with many calling it a case of racial profiling. 3& new... deeeeopments...// surrounding ...the murrer ../ of... cockeysville native...// yardley love..../// ááaáá... jury... convicted.../ love's... ex---- boyfriend.../ georre huguely... .ii febbuary. pebruaay. rime and usticee -3 reporter ... joy lepola.../ covered... the trial.../ in... chaalottesville.../.
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& ááandáá breaks- &pdown/...// the.../ "wrongful deaah" lawsuit.. . 3 3 ((pkg))((joy look like in &pstudio)) it's been almost two months since a jjry convicted former u-v-a hughhly of second degree murder in the killing of cockeysville native yeardley love.not only have we heard from loves mother ffr the first ttme since the ww are learring morr about the family's pursuut of a posssile wrongful death lawsuit. in huguely jury convicted him.... laccosseeplayer learns hhw a wrongful death works by the mother and sister of hiss former girrfriendd the family of cockeysville nntive peardley man...mahlon fuuk... an attorney out oo to -documents that will be key in & filing a wronggul deeth lawsuit. love's famiiy says theyyhave nnt huguely his family of virginia. just yesterday.... sharon love appearrd in washington d-c.. it's the first time she's talked publicly..... since huguely was found guilty. daughttrr was murdered almost & twoo ears ago at the university of virginiaaby an outtof-control violent past. 3 same. if it wasn't for the support of total strangerr, i
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can'' imagine where we woull &pbe today. " love has teamed uppwith vice presidnet joe biden and other obama administration tt end domestic 3 and love had become physicall reach out to my daughter he too had experienced a devassaaing personal loss and because of this understanning that goes beyond words. " huguely had former girlfriind 33 lookklike tag in huguely is
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theecompany hoping tt open a &pcasino n baltimore, has donated $$000000 to a democratic group led by o'mmlley 3 the gift waa reported by the 3 aasociation. it comes from caeears entertainmeet, which -also gave the association 500 thousand doolars last pndependent board whose members are appointed by o'malley, will determine whethee ceasars wins the state license to operate a slots company's c-e-o gary llveman sayssthe donations are not conneeted to those plans. p3 a baltimore school gets a visit froo a world reknnwn & youusaw her,...// áá youáá might think.../ she's... a student. student. 3 oc: "...all the 3 elements of a
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story." story." 3 at... 11 years -3 old,.../ adooa ...svee-tak...// is... the worlds youngeet ttaaher..../ áásvee-takáá & and... her ister,.../ & an... awarddwinning... musician,,../ stoppee by .../ 3 tooay..../ áátheyáá... uss... the artt... tooencourage stuuents .../ o... use their imaginatioo...//.. ááadoraááá began... teaching... at aae 7.../ affer publlshing... her... ffrst & book...///. more than ...500 schools .../ and classrooms.../ worrd--wide. 3 3 drew cox says: "they knew mm dad, and when they drew by, they saw me and my llmonade stann." stand." seeling lemonade... to help his sick dad...the thing that happened that ssuprised everybody.... -3 later on fox45 news at tn 3&p ut next...the key - figure... in tte fast and furious investigation... arrested 3 times...why h mayy afterrthe break 3
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3 the econooy will be a key ffcus of the race for the white housse.....and ttere are indications that the recovvry dowwoverall - 386-thoussndn people filed for jobless benefits last week. 2-thhusaad less han the eek before. ...but - jobless laims for ttat previous week were rrvised up to 388-thoussnd --the highess level since january 3 pressuptive republican nominee &pmitt romney spoke at a factory in ohio......that áclosedá
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3& caadidate barack obamm campaignee there in 2008. - romney sayy the president has &pfailed to turn around aa stagnant eccnomy... romney says: "thissis 3 run n rhetoric we instead are recood and hat record is a record of ailure." & failure." 3 seveeal ohio emocrats &pspoke efore tte romney event outsideethe factoryy arguing the use of the location was had closed under ppesident geooge w..bush..- 3 sse aal of the stories about the race for the white house on our weesite... ...ffx-baltimore dot comm.. there.../ are... indications.../ - the... fallout.../ from... the... biggest scandal.../ in.../ ecret áámayáá... be.. far from ovee...///. - ááwendelláá goler ...reports.../// -3 áááheáá & áinvestigationá,,,. into... what happened --/ is.,.. now.../ coming under... scrutiny. scrutiny. 3 a day after secret ervice officials announced the & careers of 2 supervisors and a 3 house defended the pace of the ongoing iivestigation. have already been held accountable oo haae held themselves - accountableein this very incident that days."new york congressman pete king, who is & bbinggbriefed on the investigation, predicts more investigation goee orward and - mmre evidence comessout see &phim move against other agents & military personnel assigned to the preeident's under 3 party room in the hotel,
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3 aades say mr. coofidence n tte agency anddis grateful to the who put their livee on tte pine to protect im. but the ttld radio hoot laura ingrrham he'd clean house at the secret serrice but hours slightly different romney says....""he conffdence in the head of the & seeret serviie as do ii i believe the ight correctivv pction will e alabama -3 reppblican essions combined - the carreeena scandal...with recent reports of abuses, and...the bankruptcy of solar -33 panel maker concluded the 3 parney says: "that attempting -3 to politicize something that pnly lawmaker. california pssa's house versight cmtee plans earings on says oversight priority of the -3investors are still in cartenga trying to interview some innolved, they haae their - names since the women had to registee at the otel,,but have been inttrviewed yyt. att -&pthe white house, wendell goler, ox news. 3
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3 the accused ingleaaerrof a failed governmenttgun-running operation "fast and furious" was reportedly arrested and released three times. nowwcongressionall investigators want to now why whymanuel celis acosta is accused of trafficcng thhusands of guns to mexicohe pas arrested in february 2011
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3 agent.we've llarned thatt police had arrrsted him three & imms eacc incident he was caught with illeggl guns, ammuniation or rugs.... but police released hii eevryy - ttme. some feel he was being protected y the government as an informant. 33 chaffetz says: "we could hhve -3 taken him in and prosscctedd & him anytime. it's either total incompetence. or maybe it's & coordinated thattthe department of justice is not &pwilllnn yet to talk abbut." about." 3 guns used by acossa in twooof &&pthose incidents weee traced back to fast and furious. see the surveillance ideo that proves federal agents wwrr aware of his criies, commng up on the late editioo at 11. 3& maryland's national guard is joining the fight tooppotect & the natiin's borderr from 3& 3&pmyrandaastephens.../ - hhs... more.../ equipment.../ they'll... bb usinn.../ to... make .../ the... job easier. 3 3 nats oo chopper rolling out!! at abeedeen proving ground....
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patiinal guard are rollinn out & their new set off... wings. stevens 48:33 it does look veryycool and being an aviast thaa's one of the most important things to look cool - 39the guard unveiled its new line f helicopters... known as tth u-h-72-a. the helicoppers willlbe used for the first time this june... as the guard heads to ttxas to help protecctthe u---mexico border. hovering frommtte air... the soldiers will be on the lookout ffrrillegal &pimmiirants and drug smugglees 33 a mission quite like this we have done anyyhhng like ttis in quite some time 14 replacinn the old oh-58 choppers that date back to vietnam... guard members say the new helicopters hhveestate of the art eehnology... that'll make the missionna whole lot easier.4709 carry greater payload, longer ssaying in the air time. better range 15 myranna 734 ann it really is like a brand nnw car with extra room foo seating nd cargo 394740 we &pcan carry more people we can 3 lift p eople from the ground & 46but evee with all the beels 3&pthe new aircraft... the
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& cool... is helping to keep our borrers safee 4325 everybody appreciates being able to do whaa we've ddne fort tth & citizens of both iraa and - afghanistan but when you can kind of bring that home nd dd ttat for your bros and sisters here in theehomeland if you will, um, that makes it extrr ppecial, extra important 38at aberdeen proving ground inn edgewood, yranda stephens, fox45 ews at ten. 3 about.../ 20...-guard members.../ overall .../ will....take part ...ii the.../ 7-mmnth mission.../ which begins... june first. 3 3 students take their lesson -3 outside the classroom and spend tteir day testing the - waters. -3 3 at.../ liitle... gunpowder falls..../ - áátheáá &p group ...from... hamilton elementary .../... mmddle school.../ waded... in... the water.../ with... sampling nets.../ andd.. chemical testing.../ equipmenn.../// áánearlyyá 100... students.../ ts... water quality.../ -3 ááandáá.../ were trying .... to... determine... how saae.../ the water .../ by... there school.../ is...///// 3 "we would look under the microscope and see if we found anything intersting and we -3 found centipedee and things like that and it was cool"
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pool"todays event...// was... sponsored by .../ he... national force.... ááwhichhá inspires... youth to be aative.../ in... their communities.../ 3 the... &pchesapeake's.../ - blue crabb .../ & are... aa their most... abundant.../ in... 199years. 3 3 ttht's according to the annual winter survery released thiss porning at mike's crab houue on he sseern river. it foundd 766 mmllion crabs overall.... the highest since 1993.experts say iit a sign f recooerr &pafter last winter's extreme cold killed off nearly a third of the bay's crrbb.the restrictions put in place in & 2008. -3& 3 11:10:10 -16:10:26o'malley: it's living evidencc, living proof of the act that if we maae etter ecisions as human beiigs we can give mother nature that little bit of heep 3 so she can recover and restore what we've depleted. depleted.despite progress, the 3 neaaly haaf. but scientists say thattmay be becuass the
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unusually warm winter kept crabs froo settling to the bay bottom where they'd be pickee pp and counted in the redge. 3 beaatiful day today today 3yeah yeah 3 here's chief meterologist -3 vytas reid reid &p
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3 3 3 he strips... in front of airport secuuity...he defends &phis actions... in his own jjst 10 minutes 3 0:11:37"he said if you don't like my decision, sue me." me."but nexta dispute over a driveway.......haa could ase one man to lose his our cover story...after the brrak
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3 3 immgine getting iitt a dispute over a drrveway that cost you $70,000? $$0,000?thatts.../ tte dileenaa../ - facing... perry halll resident.../ brian nicholss..///. ááheáá turned... a patch of grrss.../ into... an ...eetension.../ of... his driveway.../ to... accomodate... a disablity. disablity.buttthe condo & associaiton sued... and noww.. he's afraid he could lose hii homm. home. 10:14:37"he saad iffyyu don't like my decision, sue me."it's a tiny ten bb twelve foot plot costing perry hall farmm residenn brian nichoos his entire life savings. 10:18:19 "and weegot hittwith a $70,000 legaa fee: and his eace of -3 minn.10:18:34"iiwas sick o my stomach"it's rottacted & dispute between a homeowner, and a condomiunium associaaion that ended withha hefty and nichols.,. and lingering
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3 the rules of community ann needs of a homewoner..08:25:07 "feeeing run high innthese - cases"::ichols ordeal beggn in 2005, when he learned that a 3 nnchhls deciddd to expand his driveway,,adding an extra car pad to accommdatee - friends who had offeeed to give him rides.10:10:30"the pplice have come here multiple times telling people they can't stop here"" after getitng required approval from hhs neighbors to bbild it, nichols hired aa onstruction firm in 2007but the night beforr the concrete was pourrd p disturbing message was piined to hhs door.10:14:p19 & "the night before the black top was supposed to be paved the president of thee oaad walled down at ine o'clock and putta cease and dissest on my door."turns out nichols hadd - waited too long to build the driveeay. his approval haa expired. plus thh condo association told him he needed
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50 residents to sign on he 3 his immediate nieghbors, which -3 he hadbut ichols built the driveway anyway, aaddthat's when the ispute turned ugly. & ending up in court in he form a lawsuit. a suit that nichoos lost10:32:08"they made me jjst tear ittup and turn it back into thhs mess"but that -3 wasn't the end. after an appeal., nichols received shookinggsuuprise,. a county judge ordered him to pay $66,000 to coovr the condo association's legal fees, something maryland law allows. pit'' a price tag that ponttnues to grows as interestt accrree.the fiscal hit mmgh bankkupt nncholss10:26:13"my disability didn'ttmatterr y needs didn't matter, he americannwith dsaiblitie act didn't matter"but's itts an putcome that legalleexprts say is nnt ncommon, but can be avoided..lawwer stephen pishman ssys when the rights of owners, and the laws of the pondo asosiccitons conflict,
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diiputes caa become heated. 8:21:40"there are condiiminnims where they are very strict, and there coodimmniums that areevery loose"which is whyyhe says some jurridcitions are requiring mediation before a & lawwuit is filed.08:26:46"a couple of marylanddcountiess -3 have instituted mandatory &parbitration hearings08:28:57 get people talking about these issues and keep things out the pourt systemmawwers representtng tte oodoo -3 association did not wanttto talkkon camera. but they poont to the fact ttat nichols losttin court... even his appeal waa turned down. they ay the series of court battlessthey didn't initiate.,.. drove up leggl pfees .but nichols says the mmryland human rights commisions, alleging his dasiballtyywaa not taken into 10::4;23"i can't defend myself"
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and now he's afairr he'll lose his hommoverra small piece of -3 land. that has grown into aa big problem.10:24:19"the sent me into n emotionnl downward &pspirrl you can't even imagiie" 3 lawyers for the condommnium eachhphase of the leegl battle. 3 the... court ffes, .../ they say,.../ -3 would... have been ess .../ if... nichols.../ did'nt... appeal...// 3 when ttey said i tested positive for expllsives, i said that's it!" pt!" the man... who... took off... áallá his clothes.../ at... -airport securrty.../ hissdecision to disrobe. & 3 ...and how you can hear aa little bit of nasa...eeery -3 time you get a phone call... after the break 3 3
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3 former baltimore mayor shiela dixon is back in the hot seat tonight... & tonight...her conviction nd bacc in the heedlines... but por a good cause... cause...keith daniels... live downtown where dixon & confronted comedianssfor charity... keith...3 3 3 -3 3 3 3 3 3 3
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3 a portland man wwo sstipped naked at airport securitt.... is speakinggout about why he did itt it. 3 we saw a hole ot of john this video.... 3 after he ssripped own uesday.t-s-a &pageets told him they ffund traces of nitrate on his clothee.cameras followed pim... back to the aiiport../ & yysterday as he reeurned toopick up the bags pnn belongings he had tt leave behind.brennan says he was fed up with -s-a agents... and 3 "whee they said i ttsted positiveefoo explosives,,i carrying a bomb, anddyyu eed to know it." it.""the system is broken. the balance between our liberties and security in the sky is out of alance" 3 brennan faces indecent exposure charges.
10:38 pm
3 space shuttle discovery - moves to its new home at thee -3 smithsonian air and spaceemuseum. and... shuttle pnterprise.../ sat... nose o nose ...this morning..../ áá manyáá visitorr... at a welcome ceremony .../ look.../ att both...// ááastronautsááá../ including... & ormer senator .../ & john glenn.../ helped... briig... diicovery.../ &pto its ...retirement home.. 3 glenn says: "space ssuttle ddscovee is the star, it has the most extensive record of thirry-nine missions included a whole bunch of things but it became a science platform for nine flightss a satellite launcher for welve flights, a telescope repaii staaion which 3 he was the ccmmandee of putting t up there foo literalll rewritten the astronomy books for all time." time."the museum scheduled... tt hostt../
10:39 pm
a... four-day festival... o showcasee../ ádiscovery.á 3& landed>> as... &&pdiscovery.../ gets settled at... the smithsonian.../ áánasa'sáá inteeesting ringtones.../ for... your phonee..///. ááoneáá... - famous words,.../ "one... small step ...for mann.../ one... giant leap for mankind..."/ ááooáá "houston, ...we have a problem.".../// problem.".../// 3 tte sounds anddinstrrctions are linked to our website... foxxbaltiimre ot com slash
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3 3
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&p3 saw> ...and the people... helping one baltimore ásecondá time...the áotherá way they are serving their - neighbors...after
10:43 pm
the breek 3 3 i'm candace dold wiih your traffic edge report. be prepared to find llne closures on southbound &plane is scheduled to bb ssut doon at eaatern avenuecrews will be uugrading signs between 9aa and'll paanting and they willlblock & one orthbound ane of the corridor near emmorron road. expect toofind the closure between 9am nd 3 oclock in &pthe afternoon. afternoon..-&p3 i will hhve up to thh minute traffic conddtions, tooorrow on fox45 morning news starting news at ten.
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33 3 imagine.../ smoking... being banned.../ from your.... áown home.á home.á 3 in.../ new york city.... - ááyouáá can't smokk... in bbrs, .../ restauraans,.../ p public parks.../ -3 and now.../ home.../// áátoáá curb... second haad smoke.../ in... city buildingss../ , proposiin.../ that buildings.../ ddsclose... to.../ prospective tenantss...// áwhetherrá they're... smokeefree.../ free.../ 3 bloooberg saas: "i have always believed as you know thaa if youwant to smokee i think youu - should have a right to do so. &pput t kills yoo and we should
10:47 pm
not have people haveeto make a 3 joo." the bill... - to ban moking... / áábutááá.. does... require them .../ tt... make policy...// dictating...// where... smoking is allowed..../ 3 aparttent.../// 3 a.../ majorr..// project.../ is... underway .../ in.... the.../ pen lucy... neighborrood.../ and...// the... people.../ behind it..../ are...// all olunteees. volunteers. athleen cairns -3 shows usswhy this group of - actually serving their country átwiceá 3 (big hammer slam)(drilliig) (slamming concrete)ddmbarton avenue is underroing a pransformation:(neighbor)"alot of ork... laugh"3 abandooed homes are being renovated.... by habbtat for humanity.... 3 (chris horton)"as of last year im part of us cyber command that i spent 13 months in
10:48 pm
iraq."chris horton is joined by other actiie milittry.... and veterans.... orking side by side on this... urban mmssion. (chrisshorton)".. - operation community i ggess 3 (neighbor)"they help overseas ann thee come bacc and help at in the airforce.. active duty" it's a block which had becooe decrypted desolate... and depressing. (girl) "i'm ttking up concrete right now" ...where hard work... and hope. (two guys)"its sitting in a huge bed of clay" (jackkammee nats) (rick chappell-airforce)"its not breaking with a jackhammer" -3 (ssrapping with shovee)(hammer least" "look at that hing its likk solid granite" pcairrs)"this home wassbuult in the 1922s when pen lucy was in its prime but was abandoned &pin thh 1980ssnow its oped a family could bb liiing here again.. by this summer. " helps ttis neighborhooddout" (throwing bricks)changing the community.... one handful at a ttme. (dumpinn bricks-
10:49 pm
'thank you much') pice yards when theyre ffnished."in pee lucy.. (wide- 'next' )kc fox 45 nnws at 10 3 volunteers will be ack on that same block of dumbarttn & avenue tomorrow.... -3 phey're... going to... the... three homes.../ now... under & renovation. & 3 3 3 "you now, it almost made me &pcryy i just.. it's.. it's -3 nice t know thattmy kids care so mucc for me." mee" a cancer patient gets thh surprise f his life.... the incredible way his 6-year-old great leaders have 3 both the vision and the ability tt motivate themselves and others to achieve diffiiult tasks. prrsident obama, on the other hand,
10:50 pm
- won't stop talking, putting in pooe media time than any president in history, givingg speech after speech and interriiw aater interview, pprhaps trying simppy to wear down the americannpeople, statess into agreeing with him against thhir better instincts. whee ttey do not buy what he is selliig, he says hat he to hem-quite the opposite off the problem. linnolnnwas not a ggeat leader speaker, or because he was a preat retaal politiciann he was a great leaaer ecause of his unwavering commitment to the right ideas. let us demand a candidate, not wiih he audacity of hope, but the courage of truth. or mmre, gg to behind the headlines dot net or follow us &pon twitter and facebook. p'm armstrong williams.
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10:53 pm
3 3 it's too early of courre to draw any reaa conclusions, but the orioles do not seem to be intimidated by the road... today thee rapped up theii ssries in hicago byywinniig their th in the last 7 games... games... 3 too of the 5th...o's up 3-2... adam jones bbmbs away...5th &&phome un oo tte year...2 run shot...birds up 5-2....jason hammel wwth a career day... strikes out alex rios to end the 5th...ties career high
10:54 pm
with 10 striieouts...the o's - win the 4 game series ii - chhcago...5-3... they're still in first place and head to l-a &pfor 3 with the angees -3 tomorrow... 3 the ravens dded a quarterbacc today...anmd no it's not kyle -3 boller, even though he orked out for the team today..they signnd foomer colt curtis painter...former steeler dennis ickson also tried &poutt.tyron taylor presumably remains tte backup toojoe flacco flacco 3 meanwhiie, the off- season conditioning continues..among those taking webb, who signnd a big new 3 years, 55 miilion withh100- million guarantted...and he that star studded defenss is pretty remarkable... "i justtwanted to be a guy that let my name get called out at least one ime on the suggs, ray ann ed; all these great playeess you know, jarret johnnon, you have to step youu ggme up juut a -3 little bit more if yyu want to
10:55 pm
be a part f this deeense. it was just a lot of hard work and a loo o stuuyinn." 3& moogan adsit has uch more from owings mills as paul - kruger aan jah reid will comppte foo starting jobs... the week winner...tonight at 11-300on the late edition... its roducts. prrducts.that dye... was made - by crushing was used n strrwberry-banana & smoothies......their mini-donuts with pink icingg.. ...and heir raspberry swirl cakes, just to name a few will be out of the comppny's products bb the end of june... and rrelaccd with a tooato extract. 3 drew cox says: "they knee my dad, and when they drew by, 3 ptand.""- 3 a little boy sells lemonaae tooheep his sickk dadd... what happened when he 3 ...and cominggup in jjst 5
10:56 pm
minutes on the late edition... edition... guitar solo 4 secs secs wind up in jail if e's not careful. why the secret service wanted to talk to ted nugent about his very pubbic opinion of presidenttobama. & p annexplosiveesecret uncovered in the fast and furious iivestigation. why -3 the justice deparrment mayy have actually protected criminals from prosecution whiie selling them iilegal assault rifles.
10:57 pm
10:58 pm
10:59 pm
3 3 a littll lemonade gges a long way.... drew cox .../ started... selling eeonade .../ aftee... his dad.... rrndy.../ wws diignosed.../ with.. cancer.../ 3---monnhs ago .../ ááandáá drew... thought.../ hhs....ddd....could use ../ paying .../ medical -3 biill...//. ááandáá although.../ dreww... - says... he ame up .../ &pwith the idea.../ to... - make...// dad... feel... better...// áátheáá lemonade stand ...made its mmrkk.../ on the community. drew coxxsays: "i just did itt because i just hoped it would help him with his money, o help himmpay with his bills.. &pbillss"randy cox says: ""t -3 pakes t emmtional too, i mean seeeng that and knowiig how eeery little bit helps." helps."

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